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Daily prompt

To get your muse feed

A daily prompt for your muse
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To get you writing going a list of prompts is posted once a week, for everyday. ..
The Prompt of day or Daily prompt is this:

Once a week there will be posted a list of seven prompts = one for each day. It can be a one word, sentence or a phrase, maybe even a picture. Then it is up to you how that inspire you, if you got a inspiration for a drabble, poem, short story, picture-art, manips or even a recommendation of something of mention things that fit the days prompt. If it would feel better you can also write a scene that would help any of your stories or with your favourite paring.

There is no need of a claim to which fandom, characters you can use. No need of a table. No need of how many you have to do. No deadlines. This is for fun and for help if you feel that you have a writers block on your usual stories or what is your area or just for a little inspiration.

There is two ways to post if you want to share what you created. One; you do a comment; with your work or with a link if it is to long or a picture. Two; You can do a new entry. Please make sure that in the subject line add which prompt you use (#nr prompt) If possible you can also tag the entry with said prompt (at time there will be a choose of 'prompt on a' and so on). When there is no deadline, you can always go back to the entry and post or simply post a new entry.

As I said you do not need to make a claim, you chose who you want to write about when you see the prompt. If it turns up ten for example Orlando, it is okay. You don't need to have the same paring or fandom for the daily prompt, if you wrote Lotr the first day, you can have CSI the next and Russell Crowe the next and so on. You can cross over and mix the way you feel. There is no not to post about slash, violence, mpreg… only warning about it in the comment - subject and in the header, as not everyone might not want to read it.

If you unsure about a header it can look like this;

Then put the story behind a lj cut or a link to your own lj.

How to do a lj cut;

If you chose to put a picture or manips:

Then put it behind a cut. If you have a thumbnail it is okay to not do the cut or link, but for avoid mess any flist pages.

If you chose to recommend a story;

Then put the link to the story.
If you go over and read the story/look at the picture/manips and leave a comment please tell the author/artist from where you were linked.

If you make an entry for the prompt - do not forget to tag it with the prompt. (only the prompt, no fandom, character or author) When the tag list is filled there will be a option of choose prompt on a, and so on


[1] Join community.

[2] Be respectful of other writers and readers. Constructive criticisms and comments are great but do not start a flame war in this community or you will be banned.

[3] Any complains, questions or suggestions of coming prompts send to sagaluthien at gmail dot com

[4] Don't forget to include spoilers (if any) and regular warnings in your Header when posting. (Spoiler can be for up to six months (or even more), depending where in the world you live and if it is aired. For example Sweden is behind 2 season on True Blood, one season on Supernatural.)

[5] Please remember to tag your entry! With the prompt the prompt it is about.

[6] If you choose to take part, don't forget to try to give feedback (comments) to the others that put up things. Everyone love to get feedback, comments and also knew that their pieces have been read.

[7] Try to not friends lock your entry and do not disable comments when posting. When I have time I want to be able to archive your fics/picture entries in the memories section.

[8] Do not make a post that isn't related to any of the prompts.

[9] If you write a scene for one of your stories or favourite paring and have things with it posted it would be nice if you give a link to it. Sometimes as a reader you want to read more. It's also a good way to get new readers.

[10] Read the FAQ's below.

FAQ's (If you would had any)

Is there a dateline?

No, I plan to keep this going…

Do I have to pick a specific focus?

You can work on anything you want. Go crazy!

Are there any limits how many characters to use in one fic?

No, you can use how many you want. Just mention it in the header.

What about crossovers/au? Are those allowed?

Yes! As I said there is no not to. It is you that choose what the prompt inspire you to write. Though remember to mention it in the header.

Is it okay to crossover characters from a book and a movie? Or a game and a movie?

Yes. I still say you write with what inspire or fit you.

Can I use an original character that I've made up?

Of course you can. The important thing is to take part/write.

What about ratings? What am I allowed to post?

Anything from G to NC-17. You're allowed to post het, slash, gen, anything! But if you're writing about incest, bondage, etc -- please put a warning in your Header and subject if you can.

G All ages admitted
PG Some material may not be suitable for children
PG-13 Some material may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13
R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or legal guardian.
NC-17 No one 17 and under admitted.

Myself has little problem with the rating thing as where I come form it is a different type of rating. If you would be uncertain... maybe put the highest rating.

Does it need to be betad?

I would prefer it, but it is not a must. Do you make an own entry with the fic you can always get back and edit it with a beta version. If you post it unbetad you probably should add that in the header.

Where do I post my fics?

You post them first to the community, but it is okay if you link to your own lj.

What's the minimum/maximum word count?

None, Taking part is the important thing. It shall feel fun to do.

What about fake cuts?

Links are a-okay.

Can I post the stuff written for this challenge elsewhere?

Sure thing. It's your work of fiction. We don't own any rights to it.

Can I include fics that I've already written in the past as part of the challenge?

As long as it fits the prompt, but it would be more like to recommend a story. So maybe you can do both… you can always use other characters. I would really love if you write something new also.

Am I supposed to write everyone?

No. You write for those you get inspired off. It is all right to get back to an earlier prompt.

What I wonder isn't here, what do I do?

You email your question or questions and I will edit this if I think others would have the same. Email - sagaluthien at gmail dot com

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So please join and Happy writing!