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A daily prompt for your muse
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sagaluthien [userpic]

When it doesn't look like I'm able to keep this up I've decided to let this be on hiatus for x time.

Though I like some challenges so I have created a new community 52_challenge
There you can sign up for a take part and write for the 55 prompts that is in the table.
It is set so you can do a prompt/week and finish the challenge in a year and a month. Of course you can do it on less time or longer and there isn't a specific fandom or character claim you have to do if you don't want to.

So do you need a challenge? Please WELCOME over there.

sagaluthien [userpic]

Sorry I missed last week, you get two weeks prompt this time instead.

120. Sacrifice
121. Ridge
122. Hound
123. Tranquil, Tranquility
124. predefined
125. bore
126. Home

127. Taste
128. Traffic
129. Not enough
130. Tool, tools
131. Just about
132. Flowers
133. Tame

sagaluthien [userpic]

113. Dark
114. Water
115. Is it safe to look…?
116. Whimsy
117. Passion, passionate
118. Started
119. Thought

sagaluthien [userpic]

106. Hospital
107. Middles
108. Chain
109. Neighbors
110. Restraint, restrain, restraints
111. Outsides, outside
112. Cape

On Thursday it's 1 November , is there anyone here that will take part in NaNoWriMo or mini_wrimo?
I will take part in the later, I still haven't the confident of be able to write a novel.

sagaluthien [userpic]

I have noticed that the comments that has turned up is mostly spam and until those stop I decided to put a more restricting for comments. So if you not a lj user you can't comment and if you do it anonymous I have to approve the comment. I hope to not have to take more precuasion for the community. Even if I had to do this I do hope you not hesitate to leave a comment or want to post what you written.
Would you have a problem, and what you posted not turn up in 48 hours pm me and I'll solve it.

So please let the isnpiration flew.

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sagaluthien [userpic]

99. Leaf, leaves
100. Games, Game
101. Mischievous
102. Spooky
103. Bad day
104. Heritage
105. Nocturnal

sagaluthien [userpic]

92. Candy
93. Nightfall
94. Languid
95. Clean, Cleaning
96. New Job
97. Viper
98. Worthless

sagaluthien [userpic]

85. Salem
86. bat
87. Diva
88. Messenger
89. Banner
90. Storm, storms
91. Worry

sagaluthien [userpic]

78. Invitation
79. Vacation
80. Sometimes I stop myself too late
81. Arrival
82. Sickness, sick
83. Spoon
84. Grandfather

sagaluthien [userpic]

71. Blurred, blur
72. Can't Breath
73. Myth
74. Lifestyle, lifestyles
75. Circus
76. Vulnerable
77. Help

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