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James Bond x Q : "Unexpected Kisses" : (Prompt #08)

TITLE: Unexpected Kisses
AUTHOR: pony_express
FANDOM: James Bond
PROMPT: Questions
SUMMARY: "Imagine your OTP throwing kisses at each other. Sounds romantic, yes? Well not really, because they are throwing HERSHEY KISSES at each other, not the kiss you thought they were throwing." - @ otpprompts.tumblr.com.
prompt 8 - Kiss / kisses from @ prompt_of_day
DISCLAIMER Characters disclaimed.

Waiting in Q’s office isn’t enjoyable. Bond fiddles with everything he can reach. Pens. Blue prints. Whatever he can find. There’s a magazine on Q’s desk, a women’s weekly of some kind. Bond began to flick through the pages. He notices the crossword’s half done, and there’s more blue pen scribbles on a page entitled “How Romantic is Your Parent”. And the quiz is filled in. Bond began to read in more detail. . .

The one question that sticks out in this mind is one about unexpected kisses. Q has appeared to have marked the answer no, but Bond isn’t allowed to read anymore for Q has re-entered his office and is making demands on Bond to “pay attention”, and “bring the equipment back in one piece”, the usual, and the next thing Bond is out of the office, those words etched into his mind. Unexpected kisses.

He thinks about it more than he is willing to admit. He wonders how to go about providing unexpected kisses. He won’t say but he wishes he had more time to read the full completed article, and quiz. As he waits to enter Q’s office, no equipment in hand, he notices the vending machine now stocking Hershey Kisses. Apparently, unexpected kisses were following him.

On impulse Bond brought the chocolates, and fiddled about with them while he continued to wait. He had intended to act out some unexpected kisses on Q. He let out a laugh, as he looked down at the chocolate bar in his hand and wondered about how his life as come to this.

When Q finally lets Bond into the office, he doesn’t know what to do. Q begins his usually lecture about equipment bring in pieces and missing, and whatever, while he just stands there turning the chocolate over in his hand.

Then he found himself throwing the small parcelled chocolate at Q. Q turned to face him, questioning look on his face, and Bond threw another one, and another.

Q began to speak, but Bond threw another.

“Unexpected kisses!” Bond smiled smugly as way of explanation.

“What?” Q asked.

Bond sighed, sitting on the chair. “There was a magazine,” Bond began, pointing to the desk. He attempted to look for it, but gave up, “And there was a quiz inside, and something about unexpected kisses.”

“Well,” Q deadpanned, “They were certainly were unexpected.”

“Q, I-!” Bond started.

Q sighed, “Those magazine’s are Moneypenny’s.”

“Well, I can tell you that she’s in an unromantic relationship.”

Q laughed, “If she’s in need of unexpected kisses. . .” He gestured to the fallen chocolates around him.

“I would-” Bond started but cut himself off.

“I meant the chocolate ones,” Q smiled, “You can have my real ones.”

“That’s. . . That’s not what unexpected means!”

Q laughed, “I don’t need unexpected kisses. And I don’t need chocolate ones either.”
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