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A daily prompt for your muse
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October 2016
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sagaluthien [userpic]
Week prompt

If you haven't noticed I 1. not very good to keep to every week to post, but every time I hope it will be better, though hopefully you think the times I do is better than none, 2. that I choose words that some how is inspired by something when I haven't choosen it from a on going challenge I'm writing (as I believe I do) in. This time is of course not an exception.

The word I give you today is:


I have choosen it from that I was yesterday and saw Deep Purple. What the word will stand for you or inspire you to is definitley up to you.

It would be very great to see what you make out of it, as to know if there is any that follow this. If you do, you are welcome to spread the word of the community.