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A daily prompt for your muse
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October 2016
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sagaluthien [userpic]
New life of this community - maybe

I'm sorry that I really haven't kept this going. Things has come between and life just seem to fly away, as the time. So now I would like to start this again, in some sort.

I will not post every day. I was thinking rather once a week. Is there a day you would prefer me to post on?

If you remember my previous entry I started a challenge community 52_challenge where the table was with 55 prompts to fill, and the thought to write a thing each week (with three bonus). For myself it hasn't went that well either as I got a writers block. So now I want to try to get myself going with posting at least one of the prompt each week here.
Would you think that could be a good start? Or would you want more prompts posted each time? How many?

I'm thinking to begin next week, so if there is anything you has to say let me know.
I'm also happy for some suggestions of prompts, though please pm me them.