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A daily prompt for your muse
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sagaluthien [userpic]

It looks like things isn't going as planned at all for me. You has to be satisfied whenever I'm remember to post a prompt. The random or long time inbetween depends little on that I have come to a bad writers block, and haven't written anything for weeks (months).

Any way here is the new prompt;


I guess anyone have some story about it being good or bad. I did choose the prompt from that I have an appointment to one tomorrow.

sagaluthien [userpic]

It has been both vaccation and back to work, also quite hot summer so I spent little time at the computer. There probably will be a few more weeks of nice weather, before where I live get colder.

This time I'll give the word;

I hope it inspire to something

Leen [userpic]

TITLE: Unexpected Kisses
AUTHOR: pony_express
FANDOM: James Bond
PROMPT: Questions
SUMMARY: "Imagine your OTP throwing kisses at each other. Sounds romantic, yes? Well not really, because they are throwing HERSHEY KISSES at each other, not the kiss you thought they were throwing." - @ otpprompts.tumblr.com.
prompt 8 - Kiss / kisses from @ prompt_of_day
DISCLAIMER Characters disclaimed.
Read more...Collapse )

sagaluthien [userpic]

If you haven't noticed I 1. not very good to keep to every week to post, but every time I hope it will be better, though hopefully you think the times I do is better than none, 2. that I choose words that some how is inspired by something when I haven't choosen it from a on going challenge I'm writing (as I believe I do) in. This time is of course not an exception.

The word I give you today is:


I have choosen it from that I was yesterday and saw Deep Purple. What the word will stand for you or inspire you to is definitley up to you.

It would be very great to see what you make out of it, as to know if there is any that follow this. If you do, you are welcome to spread the word of the community.

sagaluthien [userpic]

Where I live we have a lot warmer weather than we used to this time of year, so obvious that has to do with the chosen word this week. Hope it will inspire you.


If it does not hel check out the tag prompt on H

sagaluthien [userpic]

This week I have taken the word from the latest book I read; Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Book number 7 of Chronicals of Nick). I've been reading her books for several years and always loo forward to the new. Also that there will be tv-series and films from them.


sagaluthien [userpic]

Yet again a artist has passed away, all to early. This time it is Olle Ljungström (Swedish). He'd played in the band Reperbahn before he made it solo. RIP

Here is a song with him - En Apa som liknar dig:

The title translated to A Monkey that looks like you.

This lead to the prompt Monkey

You can find other videos with Olle here:
https://youtu.be/wO8Y6Yn9YHg Reperbahn
https://youtu.be/dYm_g13Oyow 'Nunberg 47' From the movie G (Swedish)
https://youtu.be/qbyMCZAxH1E Venus in furs (also from G, in English)

sagaluthien [userpic]

Not that long ago we lost a big little mucisian, rest in peace Prince.
So of course this week prompt is inspired by him. Maybe write a piece about what his music meant for you or about a concert you visit, or even one of the films.


sagaluthien [userpic]

Until anyone has a specific wish of day I shall post the prompt I will try to do it every Wendsday or once a week.

Today I give you:


I have it as a prompt in 52_challenge, it is also for a prompt in one of lover100 tables.

If this does inspire you to write any words you can see if you find any under the tag prompt on a

Please don't be shy to show what you make in a comment/link.

sagaluthien [userpic]

I'm sorry that I really haven't kept this going. Things has come between and life just seem to fly away, as the time. So now I would like to start this again, in some sort.

I will not post every day. I was thinking rather once a week. Is there a day you would prefer me to post on?

If you remember my previous entry I started a challenge community 52_challenge where the table was with 55 prompts to fill, and the thought to write a thing each week (with three bonus). For myself it hasn't went that well either as I got a writers block. So now I want to try to get myself going with posting at least one of the prompt each week here.
Would you think that could be a good start? Or would you want more prompts posted each time? How many?

I'm thinking to begin next week, so if there is anything you has to say let me know.
I'm also happy for some suggestions of prompts, though please pm me them.

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